what is moai ?

Posted in Introduction

Moai is a mobile game development platform.  It’s driven by the Lua scripting language, both on mobile devices and in the cloud.  The Moai SDK can handle graphics, animation, input, physics, collisions, and more. Moai Cloud hosts your game logic, databases and additional game content, plus key services you need to build and administer great games.

Moai is designed for experienced game developers who wish to use Lua for mobile and cloud development. The use of Lua across multiple development platforms means you can concentrate on developing great games rather than constantly switching between multiple languages.

Moai SDK produces native applications on iOS and Android. The Lua engine and libraries are compiled from C++ and are faster than Objective C code. The Lua script is run as interpreted byte code, but since very few Lua instructions are processed among all the input handling, rendering, animation, collision detection, and physics math running natively, overall app performance is wicked fast.